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Digital Media Services

Gone are the days when potential customers wandered through markets to look for their desired products, and compared the quality and pricing shop-to-shop before finalizing a purchase. Today, for them, you exist only if you exist online. Your business credibility is weighed how well you have organized your online presence...

Software Services

More than half of IT projects fail and never go live. A study shows that it’s not the engineers who cause the failure but the approach, attitude and methodology a vendor adapts when delivering services to a business. Our Delivery Framework allows flexibility and liberty to businesses so they may...

Team Augmentation

Team Augmentation comes into play when you don’t want to outsource the entire development responsibility to us or to another software vendor, and want to ramp-up your existing teams instead. We have access to brilliant and versatile talent in the market. Our model allows quick augmentation at a much cheaper...
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Our Philosophy

Our commitment is to help businesses achieve their unique goals, instead of introducing a new goal altogether. 

IT world is full of service providers who crave to sell their services whether you need them or not. We have seen people selling an Enterprise Edition of an ecommerce engine when the business had to sell only one product. We, at Bizkey Solutions, believe on building relationships more than selling our services and it’s only possible when your requirements and our services align with each other completely. 

We have not hardwired our processes around one particular type of business or one particular type of situation. We understand that all businesses even if they belong to one particular domain are unique in their own ways. We discover your model, situation and thoroughly understand your vision and pain-points before offering you our services.

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